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GM Remediation Update

By Craig Arquette

Environmental Specialist

Alcoa West
Craig Arquette
Performs Remediation Oversight at GM

I am an Environmental Specialist for the SRMT’s Environment Division. One of my job duties is to provide Oversite for the community regarding the cleanup of the GM property. Basically, I keep an eye on the GM site to make sure their remediation activities are not impacting our community. The property is currently owned by Revitalizing Automotive Communities Environmental Response (RACER) Trust, but I think it will always be referred to as the GM site.

There are several areas on the GM site that are contaminated with PCBs. When one of these areas is selected for cleanup, then a Remediation Work Plan is written, which details how the work will be conducted. I review the work plans, along with our office’s Environmental Consultant, and we provide comments to the US EPA.

Right now, demolition efforts continue for the former GM Plant. Last year, the old plant building was demolished down to the concrete slab. Work began in April to demo the concrete slab and the contaminated soils under it. The contaminated demolition debris and soils will be sent off-site to a secure landfill at Model City NY. Non-hazardous waste soils will be sent to Boonville NY in Oneida County. This work is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Residences in the area are expected to experience noise from the operation of construction equipment. There are nine air monitoring stations downwind from the work site. One air monitoring station is located on residential property in Raquette Point. All air monitoring stations will continue to collect samples now and till the work is completed. When future work activities are in close proximity to the property line, the monitoring station on residential property will continue to be used. Monitoring results are available online at

In addition to the demolition work this year, the Water Treatment System will be reconfigured. The Water Treatment Building, the Aeration Basin, and the Clarifier Building will be taken offline. The water treatment system will be consolidated to the Red Shed Building near the river and the building will probably be expanded. Some of this work is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

The remediation projects for next year, 2013, will be the 4 lagoons and the North Disposal Area (NDA). The NDA contains sludges and other contaminated debris. When the Plant was in operation, the lagoons would fill with sludges containing PCBs. In order to maintain the lagoons, these sludges would be transferred to the NDA. During this remediation project, if needed, air emissions will be controlled by foam suppression techniques. This will keep down dust and odors.

2014 through 2015, the two sludge pits in the East Disposal Area will be cleaned up. The edge of the dump will be pulled back 150 feet from the shore of the St. Lawrence River and reservation boundary. The material removed from the Dump to create the 150 foot setback will be consolidated under new EDA/Dump cap. Also during this time period, a ground water control system will be installed. The last of the general site cleanup and restoration activities will occur in 2016.

The SRMT Environment Division and the regulatory agencies that we work with will continue to work for this community to try to achieve a more comprehensive cleanup of the property.

If you have any questions you can call Craig Arquette , Environmental Specialist, at 518-358-5937 ext.120.

General Motors site remediation status

GM site remediation status


Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division Posted: 2012.08.07