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SRMT Solid Waste Management Services


The Tribe offers solid waste management services to the community through their community solid waste service agency. This agency is part of the Tribe’s solid waste management program and it was created in response to the community needs and wants with respect to solid waste management, and the community’s overwhelming support for the Tribe to provide services.

The community solid waste service agency offers quality and low cost solid waste management services that surpasses all of their competition. The Tribe provides these services through the use of a modular design transfer station, which has the capacity of collecting both garbage and recyclables, and processing recyclables for resale to end recycling markets.

The community solid waste service agency offers several competitive advantages that include: offering services that satisfy the needs and wants of our customers; operating the agency in a manner that is sensitive to the Mohawk cultural and way of life; offering flexible quality low cost service options; and offering service options and customer conveniences that are not available from other haulers.

Residential Services

The Tribe offers curbside collection for garbage through its Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) program, or better known as the “blue bags”. Residents pre-purchase 30-gallon bags from the Tribe and use them to dispose of their garbage. Residents place the bags out to the curb once per week and Tribal staff collects the bags with their collection vehicle. The price list is posted on the Solid Waste Home Page.

People using the “blue bags” bring their recyclables to the Tribe’s recycling depot, which is located on Rt. 37 across from Wild Bills. The depot has 4 containers; two containers are for the collection of mixed paper and two containers are for the collection of hard recyclables - glass bottles, plastic bottles, and tin/aluminum cans. The Tribe empties these containers on a weekly basis. People are not charged to use the depot.

Residents may also take their garbage and recyclables to the Tribe’s transfer station (scheduled to open July 2004) and are charged per weight of material brought in.

Commercial Services

The Tribe offers four collection options for the business community:

Option 1 - Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) with recycling depot
This a unit price fee structure that allows customers to pay only for what they throw out. Customers pre-purchase garbage bags from the Tribe, deposit their garbage in them, and place them at the curb for weekly pick up by the Tribe. The customers take their recyclables to the Tribe’s recycling depot for free.

Option 2 - Tribe provides weekly collection of trash & recyclables and charges a monthly fee.
The customer supplies own containers and bags.

Option 3 - Container service (Not Available Yet)
Tribe provides customer with containers and provides weekly servicing of containers. Customers are charged a monthly fee.

Option 4 - Self haul to transfer station
Customers haul their garbage and recyclables to the Tribe’s transfer station. Customers are charged a tip fee at the transfer station.

The Tribe also provides the following special waste management services to businesses:

  • Bulky item pickup
  • Construction & demolition debris removal
  • Assist with identifying pickup and disposal companies for special types of wastes
  • Waste audits
  • Train employees to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials

Click to learn more about the business services offered by the Tribe.